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RT 213
Addressing Background Sources of VOCs During Vapor Intrusion Investigations

Tuesday | 10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. |

Real-Time Detection Systems, Sampling and Laboratory Analysis

Arranger and Moderator: C. Millner, Center for Toxicology and Environmental Health (CTEH), LLC, North Little Rock, AR. Monitors: D. Rush, CTEH, North Little Rock, AR; C. Metzler, BP America, Houston, TX.

One of the biggest issues complicating vapor intrusion (VI) investigation is that suspect VI compounds are commonly present in indoor air from household goods and consumer and industrial products. These background concentrations often exceed regulatory screening levels, leading to additional remedial actions. Current indoor air sampling methods do not differentiate the sources of these compounds, resulting in further costly investigations.  This series of presentations will discuss these sources, use of innovative real-time detections technologies for identification and removal of sources; sampling procedures, detection limit achievement, and a hands-on demonstration by a laboratory; a case study highlighting the differences in VI investigations and the importance of background source identification and removal; and a comparison of indoor VOC concentrations to health-based indoor air screening standards and interpretation of the data.  Participants will better understand how background sources confuse VI investigations, and air sampling strategies and methods for VI sampling programs.

  • Use of Real-Time Instruments for the Identification of Background Sources During Vapor Intrusion Investigations. C. Millner, CTEH, North Little Rock, AR.
  • Challenges of Sampling and Reporting Lower Level VOCs in Air Related to Vapor Intrusion Evaluations. T. Badal, Test America, Savannah, GA.
  • Background VOCs in Indoor Air: Sources, Concentrations, and Comparison to Health-Based Indoor Air Standards. J. Kind, CTEH, North Little Rock, AR.
  • VI Case Study and Importance of Identifying Sources. L. Mahoney, CTEH, North Little Rock, AR.