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SS 001
Closer to Spock’s Tricorder — The Latest in Real-Time Detection

Monday | 2:00 p.m.–5:30 p.m. |

Real-Time Detection Systems, Safety, Symposia

Arranger: P. Smith, OSHA, Sandy, UT. Moderator: E. Bishop, Parsons, Council Bluffs, CA. Monitors: J. Golden, 3M Company, Cottage Grove, MN; D. Bolstad-Johnson, Phoenix Fire Department, Phoenix, AZ.

Advances in real-time detection systems and informatics now allow for high reliability data that are immediately available to decision makers. This roundtable will bring together a panel of experts who as individuals are involved in designing, testing, or using the latest innovations in real-time chemical detection and identification tools and informatics platforms to get the resulting data to those who need it as quickly as possible. Assembled experts will discuss microfabricated sensor arrays, miniature mass spectrometers, traditional and atmospheric pressure ionization for mass spectrometric detection in the field, and pulling it all together with wireless transmission of data and positioning to present 3-D models of the results.

  • Smaller, Faster, Better: Mass Spectrometers Designed for High Performance in the Field.  P. Smith, OSHA, Sandy, UT.
  • Field Portable GC-MS and Enabling Sampling Technologies for Collection of Analytes from Air, Water, Particulates  and Surfaces.  N. Porter, Torion Technologies, American Fork, UT.
  • Development of Mobile Ambient Ionization MS for Homeland Security and Defense.  M. Wells, Griffin Analytical, FLIR, West Lafayette, IN.
  • Prototype Micro-Gas Chromatograph for Rapid Determination of Explosive Marker Compounds. G. Serrano, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Field Testing of a Micro-Gas Chromatograph Prototype: Near Real Time Analysis of TCE Vapors in Indoor Air in Contaminated Homes. J. Bryant, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • The Chemical Exposure Monitor with Indoor Positioning (CEMWIP) Project. K. Brown, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH.
  • Immediate, Wireless, Synchronized, Visual, Affordable and Elegant — Using Integrated, Real-Time Exposure Assessment Data to Make Better Decisions. B. Groves, Emilcott Associates, Inc., Morristown, NJ.