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RT 217
GHS — The New OSHA Hazard Communication

Tuesday | 10:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m. |

Stewardship and Sustainability

Arranger: D. Deeds, Industrial Health & Safety Consultants, Inc., Shelton, CT. Moderator: T. Knudson, Materion Brush Inc., Mayfield Heights, OH. Monitors: C. Gioiello, Industrial Health and Safety Consultants, Naperville, IL.; D. Weekes, InAIR Environmental, Ltd., Ottawa, ON, Canada.

The final OSHA standard revising hazard communication to conform to the GHS has been issued and U.S. companies are involved in the transition from the old standard to the GHS. This session will explore the status of GHS implementation in the U.S., Canada, and globally. Our OSHA speaker will review the new hazcom standard with an emphasis on what has changed. OSHA has developed tools to assist small business with the transition, and a speaker will describe some of those tools. Our speaker from Canada will update us on where Canada is in the implementation process and when we can expect their regulatory changes. A final speaker will review the status of global implementation.

  • Introduction and Overview of the GHS. D. Deeds, Industrial Health & Safety Consultants, Shelton, CT.
  • The U.S. Final Rule — Revising the GHS to Conform to the GHS. M. Ruskin, OSHA, Washington, DC.
  • Tools to Assist Small Business in Complying with the OSHA Hazcom Standard. D. Gioiello Jr., Industrial Health & Safety Consultants, Inc., Shelton, CT.
  • The Status of GHS Implementation in Canada. K. Headrick, Health Canada, Ottowa, ON, Canada.
  • The Status of International Implementation of the GHS. J. Silk, United Nations Institute of Training and Research, Pittsburgh, PA.