AIHce Indianapolis




Tuesday | 2:30 p.m.–4:00 p.m. |


IH General Practice, Interactive Learning Track

IgniteOffering Enlightenment and Knowledge – In a Hurry!

Moderator: M. Latko, AIHA, Falls Church, VA. Arranger and Monitor: C. Tobin, Falls Church, VA.

Session is open to everyone.

The “Ignite” session originated in the high technology profession but has spread world-wide. In a five-minute presentation, speakers share their professional and personal passions using 20 slides that auto advance every 15 seconds.

AIHce 2012 is offering its own version of Ignite! Learn what’s on the minds of your colleagues and friends in this innovative and engaging new format. Find out why this new program has become an international phenomenon. Experience first-hand what is meant by the Ignite motto, “enlighten us, but make it quick!”

  • Breathless: On Top of Colorado’s Highest Peak – Mt. Elbert. C. Lorenzo, OSHA, Denver, CO. 
  • If Video Killed the Radio Star, How Has the Internet Affected the IH Rock Star? C. Ficklen, SQA2, Inc., Hampton, VA.
  • Real Time Detection Systems and the Industrial Hygienist. J. Driscoll, PID Analyzers, LLC, Sandwich, MA. 
  • Subtle Sensory Clues: Influence or Choice? C. Johnson, 3M, St. Paul, MN.
  • Zombiepocalypse: How the IH Saves Mankind. M. Cheszek, Caterpillar, Minneapolis, MN.
  • My Dad’s Ring. J. Klane, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ.
  • Please…Check Your Dictionary. S. Bucherl, pH2 LLC, Indianapolis, IN.
  • Buddhism, Science and Unleashing the Artist Within. C. Redinger, Redinger360, Inc., Harvard, MA.
  • Can Self-Help Books Help? K. Nobrega, Specialty Technical Consultants, Inc., Amherst, MA.
  • How Can I Become a Super IH?  P. Logan, 3M, St. Paul, MN.