AIHce Indianapolis



PO 113
Indoor Environmental Quality — II

Tuesday | 3:00 p.m.–5:20 p.m. |

Indoor Environmental Quality

Arranger: J. Hicks, Exponent, Inc., Oakland, CA. Moderator: P. Rafferty, Rafferty & James, Inc., Downingtown, PA. Monitors: R. Froehlich, Helix Environmental Inc., Dayton, OH; R. Miller, Argus Environmental Consultants, San Antonio, TX.

3:00 PM – 3:20 PM

CS-113-1  CFD Driven Method for HVAC-Induced Cross-Draft Optimization Aimed at Promoting Chemical Hood Containment Performance. A. Kolesnikov, CPP, Fort Collins, CO.

3:20 PM – 3:40 PM

SR-113-2  Monitoring Air Quality in Corrosive Drywall Homes.  E. Light, Building Dynamics, Ashton, MD; B. Manis, Building Health Sciences, Rockville, MD.

3:40 PM – 4:00 PM

SR-113-3  Relationship Between Strontium, Sulfur, and Reduced Sulfur Gases: Imported and Domestic Drywall.  J. Kominsky, Environmental Quality Management, Inc., Cincinnati, OH.

4:00 PM – 4:20 PM

CS-113-4  An Evaluation of TVOC Measurements Using GC-MS and GC-FID Coupled with Thermal Desorption Methodology. R. Freeman, A. Delia, M. Spartz, Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc., Mt. Pleasant, MI.

4:20 PM – 4:40 PM

CS-113-5  Determination of Tobacco Smoke Using VOC Markers. A. Delia, R. Freeman, R. Fike, M. Spartz, Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc., Mt. Pleasant, MI.

4:40 PM – 5:00 PM

CS-113-6  Ultrafine Particulates from Smoke Testing of Plumbing Stacks to Locate Sewer Gas Leaks in a High-Rise Building. J. Persky, F. Bonetti, M. Baquiran, ENVIRON, Chicago, IL.

5:00 PM – 5:20 PM

CS-113-7  Formaldehyde Exposure Assessment During the Application of Professional Hair Smoothing Products. M. Posson, R. Kalmes, Exponent, Oakland, CA; M. Fedoruk, Exponent, Irvine, CA.