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CR 301
Innovative Approaches to Eliminating Accidents and Fatalities Inside Confined Spaces and During Use of Inert Gases at Construction Sites

Monday | 10:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. |

Confined Spaces, Construction Sites/Industry, Safety

Presenter: C. Penniall, ExxonMobil, Singapore. Monitor: F. Boachie, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH.  

Program will present unique approaches to the management of inert gases and confined spaces at civil /structural construction sites. Accidents and fatalities within confined and enclosed spaces frequently result from the presence of a hazardous atmosphere and a lack of hazard awareness and field recognition. Innovative training, use of field equipment, risk-based review of work activities, and application of field assessment process will be reviewed. The author is currently working at an international construction site with 22,000+ workers.