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PDC 413
Noise Control Engineering - SOLD OUT

intermediate | 1.34 CM Points/ 8 Contact Hours/ 1.0 CEU/COC Point | Sunday | 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. | Limit: 45



The most effective way to prevent occupational noise-induced hearing loss is through effective implementation of engineering noise controls. With some advanced education and training, it is feasible for IHs with a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of noise to develop noise control solutions; establish noise control priorities; identify and select optimum products for retrofitting equipment; work effectively with design engineers to implement a pro-active approach to noise control; and predict the impact new equipment will on the existing noise levels.

Value Added:
Receive a copy of The Noise Manual and a CD containing spreadsheet programs and references.

Familiarity with the fundamentals of noise and basic terminology: A-weighted sound levels, decibel addition, octaveband frequencies, noise dose, and employee time-weighted average noise exposure. 

Upon completion, the participant will be able to:

  • Conduct a noise-control survey.
  • Identify noise-generating mechanisms and prioritize items for their control.
  • Develop feasible engineering controls through effective implementation of the principles of noise control.
  • Discuss noise-control design and retrofit applications for a variety of industrial equipment.
  • Work effectively with design contractors, acoustical product suppliers, and consultants to achieve stated noise criteria or goals.


  • PDC Introduction
  • Principles of Noise Control
  • Room Acoustics
  • Acoustical Absorption
  • Sound Transmission Loss
  • Workshop: Estimating the New Sound Level after Relocating Equipment
  • Noise Control Options and Applications for Specific Equipment: Electric Motors, Vibration Isolation, Pneumatic and Compressed Air Systems, Pipe Radiated Noise, Acoustical Lagging, Machine Casing or Panel Radiated Noise, Vibration Damping, Industrial Fans, Enclosures, and Silencers.

Transfer of Knowledge:
Instructors will evaluate participants understanding of the materials presented based on:

  • Hands-on demonstrations and practicum
  • Practice exercises
  • Group activities

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  • June 1  — AIHce 2012 online communities for collaborative learning open.
  • June 15-17 — AIHce 2012 PDCs are presented. Participants must bring a printed or electronic copy of their PDC handout.
  • August 31 — AIHce 2012 online communities for collaborative learning close.
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