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PS 401
Poster Session 401

Monday | 10:00 a.m.–Noon |

Communication and/or Training, Green Building/LEED, Occupational Epidemiology, Risk Assessment and Management, Safety

Posters are grouped by topic and authors are stationed at their posters at designated times to answer questions. It’s a great spot on the Expo floor to meet colleagues and to discuss the largest research in OEHS!

Author Attend Time: Monday, June 18, 10:00 a.m.–Noon

Communication & Training

CS-401-01 Latino Worker Safety and Health on West-Wisconsin Dairy Farms.  B. Beamer, University of Wisconsin-Stout, Menomonie, WI; M. Bauer, OSHA, Eau Claire, WI.

CS-401-02 Control of Airborne and Skin-borne Methanol Exposures During Manual Optical Filter Cleaning — A Case Study.  D. Weber, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Glastonbury, CT.

Computer Applications

CS-401-03 Shell’s Global Deployment of a Risk-based Health Management. P. Owens, Shell, Martinez, CA.

Green Building and LEED

CS-401-04 Performance of Industrial Hygiene Site Monitoring Efforts for LEED Pre-Occupancy Testing for New School Construction Along with Sampling and Laboratory Analytical Challenges Related to Data Presentation and Interpretation Including Lessons Learned. J. Koehn, Jan Koehn, M.S., CIH, Inc., Houston, TX; H. Dotiwala, EnviroTas, Inc., Houston, TX.

CS-401-05 Foam Insulation — IAQ Complaints and Impact on VOCs for LEED Evaluations. J. Kenny, ESIS Environmental Health Lab, Cromwell, CT.

Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology                                  

SR-401-06 Occupational Health Surveillance Program for Swine Workers. S. Kirychuk, A. Owusu-Kyem, P. Pahwa, C. Karunanayake, N. Koehncke, D. Rennie, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

Risk Assessment & Management

SR-401-07 Quantitative Model Evaluation: Lessons Learned from “Getting the Predictions Right”.  P. Williams, E Risk Sciences, LLP, Boulder, CO; K. von Stackelberg, E Risk Sciences, LLP, Boston, MA.

CS-401-08 Value (Cost Effectiveness) of EH&S Investments.  E. Reed, Liberty Mutual Insurance Co, Centennial, CO; J. Lieberman, Environmental Information Services, Inc., Boulder, CO.

CS-401-09 Characterizing the Impacts of Uncertainty and Scientific Judgment in Exposure Limit Development. A. Maier, Toxicology Excellence for Risk Assessment, Cincinnati, OH; R. Sussman, SafeBridge Consultants, Inc., New York, NY; B. Naumann, Merck & Co., Whitehouse Station, NJ; R. Roy, 3M, Saint Paul, MN.


CS-401-10 Determination of Potential Asbestos Exposure at POSCO Steel Work. Y. Sung, RIST, Kwang-Yang, Republic of Korea; K. Kim, K. Jang, POSCO, Kwang-Yang, Republic of Korea.

SR-401-11 Evaluation of a Risk Management Approach to Safety Program Improvement in the Mining Industry. M. Griffin, University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ.

SR-401-12 The HSWI: Health and Safety Workplace Index — A New Method for Managing the Residual Risk in Oil and Gas Plants. M. Buonanno, Golder Associates, Turin, Italy; P. Pavanelli, OIRM S.Anna, Turin, Italy; N. Pampols, Studio Buonanno S.R.L., Turin, Italy.