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RT 220
Reducing Uncertainty in the Semiconductor Industry via Employee Exposure Assessment

Tuesday | 1:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. |

Exposure Assessment Strategies, Risk Assessment and Management

Arranger: C. Torres, ENVIRON, Atlanta, GA. Moderator: G. Dotson, NIOSH, Cincinnati, OH. Monitors: D. Westbrook, Eastman Chemicals, Kingsport, TN; C. Albaugh, Akzo Nobel, Strongsville, OH.

This roundtable session will explore existing, newly developed and potential future exposure assessment data, issues, and regulations particularly related to the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Existing — speakers will review previously published studies and highlight relevant methods, results, and conclusions. Newly developed — current topics such as use of Bayesian decision analysis, mathematical modeling and cooperation with allied occupational health professionals (i.e., epidemiologists) will be explored through a case study of a recently completed exposure characterization and exposure reconstruction study conducted for three manufacturing lines previously and currently operated in Asia by the world’s largest semiconductor memory manufacturer. Additionally, the benefits of partnering with academic experts in the field of exposure assessment while conducting studies of this nature will be provided by a current professor. Future — a current industry leader will discuss a prospective exposure assessment approach employed in their global operations, and a governmental representative will provide insights into likely regulatory harmonization across geographies, with potential particular relevance to the semiconductor industry.

  • Summarizing 50 Years of Semiconductor Manufacturing — An Introduction to Existing, Newly Developed and Future Exposure Assessment Data and Topics. J. Stewart, Harvard University, Boston, MA.
  • Summarizing the IBM Exposure Assessment and Cancer Incident Studies. R. Herrick, Harvard University, Boston, MA.
  • A Review of the United Kingdom Health and Safety Executive’s Historical Hygiene Assessment (HHA) of National Semiconductor UK Facilities. J. Cherrie, Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
  • The Company’s Role in Validating Effective Exposure Controls Currently in Place at Three Semiconductor Manufacturing Facilities in South Korea. M. Lee, Samsung Electronics, Giheung, Republic of Korea.
  • A Current Day Worker Exposure Assessment of Three Semiconductor Manufacturing Lines in South Korea. J. Poole, ENVIRON, Tampa, FL.
  • An Exposure Reconstruction of Previous Employee Exposures at Three Semiconductor Manufacturing Lines in South Korea. R. Jones, ENVIRON, Chicago, IL.
  • Approaches and Benefits of Partnering with Academic Exposure Assessment Experts. J. Meeker, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.
  • Study on Environmental Exposure Properties and Health Impact of Nanoparticles in Semiconductor Manufacturing Process. D. Lim, Samsung Health Research Institute, Giheung, Republic of Korea.
  • Intel’s Chemical Use Approval Process: A Prospective Exposure Assessment Strategy. R. Tubby, Intel Corporation, Hillsboro, OR.
  • Current Trends and an Exploration of the Future of the Regulatory Framework Impacting Exposure Assessment in the Semiconductor Industry. J. Cherrie, Institute of Occupational Medicine, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.