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Town Hall: Have We Accomplished All We Can in Protecting Workers?

Tuesday | 1:30 p.m.–3:00 p.m. |

IH General Practice, Interactive Learning Track

Moderator:  D. Johnson, ISHN Magazine, Philadelphia, PA. Monitor: C. Lorenzo, OSHA, Denver, CO.

Attendees will provide the questions and offer their solutions in this interactive session.  A panel of experts will also offer their insight in addressing the big question, “Where do we go from here in worker protection?    Consider the following:

  • Minor worker injuries and illnesses are going down. Does this mean we have accomplished our goal?
  • Serious worker injuries and fatalities are going up.  What is an acceptable level to claim success?
  • Is OSHA still needed?  If not, what should take its place?
  • Are state plans leading the charge in overseeing occupational safety and health?
  • If resources become scarce what should we expect from government?  What should we expect from the private sector?
  • The public, press, and the Hill are not clamoring for more workplace safety and health protections.  Are we in maintenance mode?  Or, has politics stopped the issue in its tracks?

 Bring your questions, concerns, and solutions as both audience and panelists address the future of occupational safety and health.

Panelists: C. Laszcz-Davis, The Environmental Quality Organization, Lafayette, CA; Z. Mansdorf, Sustainability Consultants, Boca Raton, FL; B. Cameron, Center to Protect Workers’ Rights, Seattle, WA; F. White, ORC, Washington DC.