AIHce Indianapolis



CR 319
Turbo-Charged Risk Management — Integrating ISO 31000 with ISO 14001

Tuesday | 4:30 p.m.–5:30 p.m. |

Environmental Issues, Legal, Regulatory, Guidelines and Standards, Risk Assessment and Management

Presenter: C. Redinger, Redinger EHS, Inc., Harvard, MA. Monitor: K. Frank, Illinois State University, Normal, IL.  

There is a paradox with risk management — it’s so important and we know so much, but we struggle with fragmented programs, weak frameworks, and siloed departments. This session will show how ISO 14001 can serve as a platform to build a strong risk management system and framework with ISO 31000 on risk management. Participants will also see how 31000 can strengthen an existing 14001/18001 integrated EHSMS. Key linkage points are highlighted along with implementation tips.