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Expo Theater

What is it?  Product presentations by AIHce 2012 exhibitors during select Expo-open hours.

Who is eligible? AIHce 2012 Exhibitors who apply to present a product demo and are accepted to present.

What are the criteria for the demonstrations?  Presentations should be physical demonstrations of equipment, instrumentation, etc.  We are looking for exhibitors to teach our attendees a new skill or application, or show them how a product can solve a problem.  Software application presentations will also be considered.

What would make my company’s presentation more likely to be accepted?

  • You have a new product
  • You have a new or updated application for a product
  • Your presentations will show attendees a new skill
  • Your product has an application that solves a problem

How long are the presentations?  10-15 minutes, plus 10 minutes Q&A

What is provided?  A screen, a laptop, and a microphone will be available.  You are encouraged to provide handouts, literature, etc.

When will these be scheduled?  The deadline to apply for a demonstration is March 14.   You will be notified within a few weeks if your presentation has been accepted and the time it is scheduled.

Questions? Please call Caroline Lacey at 703-846-0748 or email to if you have any questions.